Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures - 1500mg

Not all tinctures are created equal. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of CBD tinctures on the market that are reminiscent of that nose-plug requiring bitter medicine we’ve all choked down a time or two. Our product development team braved numerous tincture recipes before settling on this full-spectrum MCT oil-based formula. If you want your CBD without the aftertaste of chewing on raw hemp, look no further! Our tinctures pack a 50mg dose of CBD per serving without that unpleasant sting of alcohol or herb-strong aftertaste. Choose from our smooth vanilla or fresh mint and enjoy!

Five Star Reviews 

These tinctures actually have a very good mint taste to them and the cbd medicine works so well it gives me hours of pain relief thank you so much for this product it is amazing
Erin Matthiessen
Excellent product. I have chronic pain of many years' standing. This full-spectrum tincture has helped reduce the pain as well as the anxiety that chronic pain often induces. It has a lovely flavor, too.
Rodney Brammann
I take it and when I fall asleep I'm out the whole night. I use this in combination with super lemon haze vape oil and I'm relaxed.
Debra Worth
Jaxon CBD tincture is an absolute necessity in my everyday life. CBD Heals! Prescriptions Kills!
Thank you Jaxon CBD. This product is a life saver. CBD is the only thing that helps with my son’s seizures and this is by far the best CBD tincture we have come across .