Jack W. 
 Continued success! Hit Drops

I gave my review of hit balm a few months ago, and will now share my review of hit drops 600mg. After amazing success with hit balm it was suggested by hit balms amazing customer service that I add hit drops to my daily routine. I have many chronic pain issues that have gotten worse over the years. The hardest thing to treat, being severe neuropathy in my feet, failed back fusions, arithtis in my knees, and daily migraines. I started off with a very low dose, and use micro dosing throughout the day, taking a bigger dose in the morning. The addition of hit drops has been nothing short of a miracle in my reduction in pain. I have also had the added benefit of a huge reduction in anxiety, depression, and 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night. I hope this is helpful. Had it not been for a caring customer service I would not have tried these products. I've tried others in the past with no success. Thank you hit balm for outstanding products and customer support. Jack

Jeannie D. 

I have had severe sciatica in my leg since 2011. Tried most everything , but nothing helped. Tried HITBALM a few weeks ago and it has helped with my pain !!! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT !!!

Kellie F. 
So very happy!

I tried the 100mg mini bottle first and was AMAZED at how much lower my pain levels were. I'm trying to get rid of any prescription medications that I have relied on. This does the trick!